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At JDP we provide professional and internationally recognized training and certificate with employable skills in the workforce.

Our training curriculum is of international standard and instills on our students the confidences required to make them stand out in their chosen profession.

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This HR training is designed to start with a basic overview of the module and end with advanced knowledge of configuration and testing. Attendees will get a certification oriented course material and homework assignment to simulate real life projects.

The SAP HR training enables companies to effectively manage information about the people in their organization. It is integrated with other SAP modules and external systems. From the Organization Management perspective, companies can model a business hierarchy, the relationships of employees to various business units and the reporting structure among employees.

The Personnel Administration (PA) sub module helps employers to track employee master data, work schedules, salary, training and benefits information. The Personnel Development (PD) functionality focuses on employees' skills, qualifications and career plans. Finally, the Time Evaluation and Payroll sub modules process attendance and absences, gross salary and tax calculations, and payments to employees and third party vendors.
SAP HR Training
Overview of HCM

  • Enterprise Structure
    • Define Personnel Area
    • Assign Personnel Area to Company Code
    • Define Personnel Subarea
  • Personnel Structure
    • Define Employee Group
    • Define Employee Subgroup
    • Assign Employee Subgroup to Employee Group
    • Define Employee Attributes
  • Organizational Management
    • Overview of Organizational Management
    • Organization and Staffing
    • Create Organizational Unit
    • Create Organizational Unit under hierarchy
    • Create and Assign Position to Organizational Unit
    • Create Job and Assign to the Position
    • Creating Task(Job/Position/Person)
    • Organizational Unit
    • Simple Maintenance
    • Create Organizational Unit
    • Create Position
    • Create Job
    • Assign Job to the Position
    • Create Task Group and Task
    • Assign Task to the Job
  • Organizational Assignment
    • Define Administrator
    • Overview of Features
    • Define Administrator Group (Feature PINCH)
  • Integration between Organizational Management and Personnel Administration
    • Activate Integration (PLOGI ORGA)
  • Hire an Employee
    • Overview of infotype


    • Personnel Action
    • Maintain Infotype
    • Steps to hire an employee
  • Time Management
    • Group Personnel Subarea for the Work Schedule
    • Group Personnel Subarea for the Daily Work Schedule
    • Define Break Schedule
    • Define Rules for variants
    • Define Daily Work Schedule
    • Define Period Work Schedule
    • Define Employee Subgroup Grouping
    • Define Rules for variants
    • Define Groupings for the Public Holiday Calendar
    • Set Work Schedule Rules and Work Schedules
    • Assign your work schedule rule for –SCHKZ
    • Hire an employee
  • Payroll – Base Configuration
    • Employee Subgroup Grouping for Personnel Calculation Rule ( PCR) and Collective
    • Agreement Provision (CAP)
    • Check Pay Scale Type
    • Check Pay Scale Area
    • Check Assignment of Pay Scale Structure to Enterprise Structure
    • Determine Default for Pay Scale Data (TARIF)
    • Create Wage Type Catalog
    • Check Wage Type Group "Basic Pay"
  • Overview of Payroll run
    • Simulation
    • Release for Payroll
    • Start Payroll
    • Check Result
    • Corrections
    • Exit Payroll
    • Remuneration Statement
  • Reporting
    • Simulation
    • Identify a Person in your Organizational Structure
    • Display job index report for the particular job
    • Identify and display tasks assigned to your positions
    • Evaluate vacant position in your organizational structure
    • Display your Organizational Plan Graphically
    • HIS – Human Resources Information
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